A Warcraft attacker is imprisoned in the United States

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Posted on: 05/10/18
World of Warcraft players have been jailed in the United States for cyber attacks that interfere with European services.

From February to September 2010, Calin Mateias was condemned and Blizzard Entertainment’s computer server was flooded.

He is said to have implemented a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack to prevent his opponent from logging in.

As a result, thousands of players are involved.

The Los Angeles citizen complained to Los Angeles in February and accused it of harming the protected computer.

He also paid $29,987 (£22,176) to Blizzard for the cost of expelling data floods.

The prosecutor of the case stated that he was motivated by the "young desire" and defeated his opponent at the age of 30.

Materiasu, the avatar used in the game, players will team up to achieve the goal of the game, we often participate in joint activities such as "attack", it enjoys the benefits of virtual income and games. freed.

"[He] participated in the battle with other players for various reasons, including loot distribution and team members.

Dr. Mateiasu, it is said that this is already used by an online alias, Nazi doctors who conducted a deadly experimental prisoner after a California computer maker and tried Ubaitoro to crack the Ingrammar I insisted.

However, the prosecution withdrew the material in the "World of Warcraft" (You can go to mmygold to see more infro about Cheap WOW Gold with discount price here ) case, sentenced to a year in prison.


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